Our System

The system of karate that is taught in our dojo is Okinawan Kobayashi Shorin Ryu karate. It was developed hundreds of years ago. These forms and techniques have passed down from sensei (teacher) to deshi (student) in an unbroken direct lineage for hundreds of years. This system of karate uses both hands and feet evenly for a well rounded close in self defense system. Okinawan karate can further be defined by a profound respect for life. This is manifested by the Okinawan masters' example of humility, patience, and courtesy. While it is easy to describe karate by its physical appearance, it is much more difficult to understand the Okinawan attributes without proper context. That is why we study Okinawan history: to value the depth of its rich culture.Our Philosophy

The Four Pillars of a Yudansha

This is real Okinawan Karate - Kyoshi Sam Ahtye

Our dojo is dedicated to practicing karate in the tradition of the old Okinawan masters. We view karate as an effective means of self-defense, but more importantly, as a philosophy in which to develop the body and spirit to their maximum potential. To us, character development, mental and physical discipline and self-reliance are just as important as the development of fighting skills.

Our Organization

Our dojo is part of the Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Association Founded by the late Grandmaster Shugoro Nakazato.  Current Grandmaster of the Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Association is Minoru Nakazato.  Shorinkan is in the Kobayashi  branch of Shorin Ryu.   

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