What's in the Name?

The Kumemura

The Kumemura is the Chinese settlement next to Naha in Okinawa.  I have named the dojo San Francisco Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Kumemura Dojo.  This is both a tribute to the connection between the Okinawan people and the Chinese community.

Thirty six families were sent by the Emperor of China to bring culture to the Okinawans.  Among them were craftsmen, Confucian instructors and martial artists.  This connection also brought about a tributary relationship with China and access to martial artists in China.

The second reason I have named it this is that I  am a fifth generation Chinese in America studying Okinawan karate.  I have been to Okinawa many times and feel a deep connection with the people and culture of Okinawa.  The circle is now complete.

--Sam Ahtye, November 22, 2011