New Students

We are currently accepting new students!

Is Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Right for Me?

Please check out our site, and more importantly, visit us.  You may come by the dojo any time during classes to observe and ask questions.

In your decision to train at this or another dojo, the most important issue will be your relationship with the sensei.  You must feel good with what you are taught, with the way you are taught and how you are treated. In return there must be mutual respect and you must train with passion.  Try us out for a week at no cost.  Keep an open mind as we try to dispel myths and misconceptions.  Visit other martial art schools so you can compare.  We can suggest other dojo according to your goals.

We do not currently accept children.  Mature and sincerely interested youth of 15 years of age or older will be considered.

What Can I Expect From Classes?

Our classes are relatively informal.  Students should arrive early if possible to stretch and warm up.  Classes themselves are a rounded mix of one-person drills, two-person drills, self defense concepts and learning kata (traditional forms).  Advanced students' training also includes advanced techniques, kata application studies (bunkai) and traditional Okinawan weapons (kobudo).  Classes end with a brief formal closing.

What is Required of Me?

As mentioned before, respect and passion are critical to karate-do.  Beyond this we charge a nominal fee of $60 a month, due the first class of the month, and you will be expected to sign a standard legal waiver to train.  Wear loose, durable clothing to train.  Students will eventually need a white Karate Gi, and a Shorinkan Association patch.

When and Where are Classes?

Regular classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:00pm to 7:45pm. Arriving early to change and stretch is appreciated. Classes are held in the dance studio of the SOMArts building at 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco. To access the dojo, enter through the Brannan Street entrance: Press Dojo (bottom) button on buzzer and when you hear a loud buzz push door open.  When inside climb the stairs, and then walk to the back of the building, through the drawing and clay studios.  Alternatively, walk down the drive on the the right hand side of the building to the main entrance, go left after the main desk and back to the front door area from inside, then climb the stairs.

I have more questions!

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