Kyoshi Nanadan (7th rank black belt) Sam Ahtye has been a devoted student of Karate for over forty years.

1967- Began formal training with Clarence Lee in old Washington St Dojo. He is now a Hanshi 10th Dan. Trained eight years with him and earned nidan grade. Both Menjo signed by Hanshi Miyahira Katsuya

1974- First training mission to Okinawa.Trained intensively with Hanshi Higa Yuchoku and Hanshi Miyahira Katsuya. Also studied kobudo with Akamine Eisuke.

1975- Started first dojo at YMCA Mission Branch in San Francisco and concurrently at Canon Kip Community Center. Exchanged information with Sensei Martin Buss and Sensei Rodney Lipka in Berkeley, Ca.

1978- Resumed martial arts education with Sifu Kuan Sai Hung (of”Wandering Taoist” fame) Studied Traditional Chinese martial arts for four years.

1980- Earned Sandan grade. Tested before Hanshi Nakazato Shugoro in Sensei Martin Buss’s Dojo.

1982- Began training with Professor William Paul (Godan Kodokan Judo). I learned Sensei Paul’s self defense system, biomechanics and grappling. I became his assistant instructor in his accredited course at City College of San Francisco.

After his death in 1989, Sensei Paul’s family presented me with his black belt and personal documents.

1985- Returned to Okinawa to train with Hanshi Nakazato Shugoro. Earned yondan grade

1986- Studied meditation and Taoist Chikung with Ms. Claire Young

1992- Began teaching Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Okinawan Karate and Kobudo at the South of Market Cultural Center in San Francisco, Ca. (ongoing classes)

1993- Began study of Sun Style Tai Chi with Sifu John Wong

1994- Attended Chico Ca. Summer camp with Hanshi Nakazato. At the invitation of Kyoshi Doug Perry I traveled to Flat Rock N.C. to train at his dojo.

1995- Trained in Okinawa with Hanshi Nakazato Shugoro. Earned godan grade. Accepted as formal student of Sensei Doug Perry.

1996- Presented self defense gasshaku for ISOK (International Society of Okinawan / Japanese Karate)

1999- Returned to train in Okinawa. Tested before Hanshi Nakazato Shugoro and earned Rokudan grade and Shihan (licensed instructor)

2000- Attended Washington DC Gasshaku featuring Hanshi Nakazato

2001- Hosted and co-produced seminar featuring Hanshi Seikichi Iha

2003- Hosted and produced seminar featuring Kyoshi Pat Haley

2005 - Brought two students, Sensei Stephen Curley (Rokudan) and Sensei Charlie Jeremias (Godan), to train in Okinawa with Hanshi Nakazato Shugoro.

2007- Journeyed to Okinawa with eight students to train at Honbu dojo with Hanshi Nakazato and his top students.

2009- Journeyed to Okinawa with four students to train at Honbu dojo, awarded Kyoshi Nanadan grade by Hanshi Nakazato.


2011- Journeyed to Okinawa with five students to train at Honbu dojo.

2012 through 2017 - At least one training mission a year in Okinawa Honbu Dojo.