Authentic Okinawan Karate

We humbly appreciate your interest in our dojo, and we welcome you to study with us in the true spirit of Okinawan Karate.

The Dojo Kun


1. Strive for good moral character.

(Respect, Humility and Patience are virtues taught by example.)

一、誠の道を 守ること

2. Keep an honest and sincere way.

(Seek the truth; speak and act from the heart.)


3. Cultivate perseverance.

(The process is the goal, only through hard work can we earn real experience.)


4. Develop a respectful attitude.

(Understand the difference between etiquette in outward form and etiquette from the heart.)


5. Restrain aggression through spiritual attainment.

(Karate is the art of life protection; practice compassion.  Remember, Karate is a lifetime study.)

Originally by Kanga Sakugawa (1733 -1815)

Notes by Kyoshi Sam Ahtye